remember when zayn went outside
When he actually posted pictures on IG
When he chilled with his friends.
i do..

Anonymous asked: you have a lot of feelings about harry

of course i do! 



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i picture harry actively putting make up on his face to cover his acne and I honestly think thats the cutest picture I’ve ever had of him. So cute. 



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Maybe it’s the way he walks

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its kind of embarrassing how people go “oh yeah Louis is gay.” so easily because he was very feminine but the idea of Harry being gay is so far out of there minds. Like HARRY CAN’T BE GAY HE WAS RUMORED TO DATE 80 THOUSAND GIRLS. (lol like PR relationships don’t hide a deeper meaning you know….but okay) and he has shown that he is very queer but naw. Harry can’t be gay. 

only louis because he might have shown off that was feminine at one point in his life..


when you try to push up your glasses but forget you took them off so you just kinda hit your face

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not that i like louis or anything

but im worried for him because he’s gotten really skinny lately.


s/o to my socially aware white friends who don’t throw bitch fits when i’m shitting on white folks and understand struggles poc face and own up to their privilege and don’t let posts like these get to their heads

u r cool people

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People creaming themselves over Nicki now that she’s “toned it down”  and is going “back to her roots” or whatever leaves a really bad taste in mouth. Maybe all the pink drag and pop music was an aspect of herself she wanted to explore? How you even know who the “real” Nicki is? Like dressing up in “wacky” outfits doesn’t make you fake.  

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#if you existed during the renaissance we would have ceiling murals dedicated to your beauty all throughout europe

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WWA tour is going to be painful because → Zarry

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